Monday, March 18, 2013

Blast From The Past: Creating art with Noodles.

That's mini me and my cousin Terri (we called her "Noodles') painting one Christmas. We called Terri "Noodles" because she looked like a little noodle when she was born. Most of my family has nicknames.  Some family members have had nicknames so long I often don't remember thier real names.  :)

 I love our concentration in this photo and our garbage bag aprons. This was the start of it all. The beginning of creating and using all the colors in the crayon box. Its funny I don't remember this specific Christmas, but I do remember the mini art studio my dad created in the corner of my bedroom.  Ever since then I have had a place to create. Even when I was in grad school in the dorms I had a corner dedicated to art.

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