Thursday, March 14, 2013

Blast From The Past: Gabriella in Brazil

This is mini me going on my first camping trip as a Brownie Girl Scout when I lived in Brazil. That's me on the left and my  best friend Gabriella in the middle. Old pictures like this bring back so many memories.

When I look at this photo I'm reminded of the time that I visited Gabriella after school to play. Gabriella's mom was a president of a bank in Brazil and they lived on the top floor of a very tall apartment building on the beach. I remember taking the elevator to her apartment expecting to see a hall way to other apartments and the doors opened into her living room!  It was amazing and beautiful. There was glass windows everywhere and the sun came in from all directions.

 Gabrella's mom let us play in her old evening dresses and shoes. We decided to get dressed up like 'Big Ladies" and go to see a movie. I don't remember anyone else going with us but I can't imagine anyone letting 2 little girls go to the movies by themselves.  So anyway,  we dressed up in those beautiful long dresses and her mom's shoes and went to see Snow White. 

We went in to the theater and waited for the movie to start. Suddenly the movie started. It was not "Snow White", it was "The Hidenburg" and we sat there too scared to leave.
Glad we where together.

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