Saturday, May 4, 2013

Cre8te Time for Creativity

The Craft and  Hobby Association has recently launched a "Cre8time" movement to encourage people to make time and devote it to their creativity.  They've created a place on facebook for everyone to share their experiences with a larger creative community.

I've joined the movement and I am completely inspired by all the people who have created group events to explore creativity in community. It's really inspiring.  It's a constant reminder to me to bring creativity in to my life in as many ways as possible.  

My creativity is how I communicate with the world. 
It's how I  find my voice.
It's how I express myself to others.
It's how I get the deeper understandings of who I am. 

When I look at the photo above, I remember that day, I had reached the creative moment in my process where I got lost in what was doing and I felt blissfully present to my accomplishments and the vibrant joy around me. 

It's one of the things I love about being creative...finding that blissful space that brings me back to the studio to create again and again.

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