Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Journal Pages...Using my paint stash

Here are a few more pages from my 2013 Mini Journal. I love this page because I finally used some paint from my crazy collection of craft paint I got on sale at a fabric store.  

If you're like love a good sale...particularly if it's for art supplies.  

A while back I came across a big bin of brightly colored paints on sale at a fabric store.  They had marked the paint down to less than a dollar. I was thrilled and I filled my basket with all my favorite colors. Suddenly the sales lady came by to tell me they where running a special sale that day for 75% off sale items.  I must have fainted because the last thing I remember was standing at the check out line will all the sale paint they had in the store. 
I was sooo proud of my wonderful stash. When I came home I packed them neatly in craft bins in my studio and there they sat for a year...unopened. 

So this page is a celebration of using those paints finally being used and 
all the other amazing supplies I have that I don't bring out nearly enough.

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