Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekly Sketch Book Journal

It's a new week and a new canvas to work on. How will this week unfold?

Things are taking on a whole new look since I started earlier this week.

I even added a new page for additional thoughts. 
Love how the pages are starting to curl from the weight of the paint.

As I create a regular practice of creating in my journal on a regular basis, I'm learning to use all the bits of supplies I have been "saving" for a project. This week as I came across items I used them in my journal right away. I found this image in a calendar and I loved the art so much I knew I wanted to use it in one of my journals.  Its been sitting in a stack of things for 2 years...this week if found a home on my weekly journal page.

Used lots of bits of book pages from my art studio and vintage letters I got from a flea market.  The Hepburn image came from a cell phone cover I got free when I was buying earrings at the mall. This image has been sitting around for years. So glad I found her a home this week. There is still more to do on this page but I like where its going.


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