Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dexter's Welcome Home Day

A year ago today we welcomed our little Baby dog, Dexter,  into our home. We adopted Dexter from the ASPCA in Santa Cruz on July 10, 2012.  He's such a snugly love bug. I was never really a "pet person" before Dexter, but now I am obsessed.  He has 2 beds, a Kennel, a car seat, a toy box filled with pet toys, 12 collars (several holiday collars),and a fully stocked grooming kit (complete with puppy perfume).  Dexter even has his own blog (

He's so easy going and happy... its easy to spoil him.

Having a pet has been an amazing experience:
  • We've met more of our neighbors. 
  • I've learned to trust my intuition.... I have to stay tuned in to Dexter and the people around him to keep everyone happy.
  • We've learned the power of patience and how to communicate ... Dexter doesn't talk so we have to use our energy and our tone to communicate the house rules.
  • We've learned the importance of consistency...Dexter has allergies so we need to be consistent with his care and feeding to keep his allergies at bay and itch free.
  • We've become more active...We have to walk him every day or there will be shoes with teeth marks by morning.

Today we will celebrate by sending a donation of goodies to the ASPCA. We hope more pets will find their forever homes this week and beyond. If you've adopted pets, I'd love to hear from you and your experiences in the comments below.


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