Saturday, July 20, 2013

Weekly Journal Pages

I wasn't going to show this page. 
I was feeling like it was not complete or interesting enough to share. 
As I examined the page and thought about that week,
 it is a miracle that I found time to put down the numbers for the days of the week.

It was one of those weeks when the work day and the after work day merged into one. 
 Last week got away from me and so did this week. 
I made a noble effort to begin. 
I made time to kiss day 12 with my new favorite lipstick 
I made time to leave some scribbles on the page.

 I will always remember this week for 
how everything seemed to happen at once 
and i still made time to do something I loved for me.


  1. Love that you posted this! I can relate:-)

    1. Thanks for saying that Andrea...I sometimes put too much pressure on myself to do what I said I would do. If I mess up I just feel bad and hide. But something clicked this stop all that and show my humanity. I sometimes say things and dont follow through and the sky will not fall on me because of that. From that place I could see and acknowledge I did do something...even a little micro movement toward my goal and that should be celebrated! Thanks for holding my hand and celebrating with me!


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