Sunday, July 21, 2013

Weekly Journal

This weeks journal was a little bland and simple but
the week in life was full of richness and  color .

I scheduled a family photoshoot for us with a great photographer.
I have always wanted to have a professional photoshoot to get 
great photos to put around the house or use in a Christmas letter. 

I even put it on my Vision Board this year.
Some how I crossed paths with a photographer on Facebook
and I loved his work so I made an appointment for a session.

It took a few weeks to coordinate the session, our outfits and a location. 
The day came and we where both scared and excited.
The photographer is a really cool dude and he made us feel at ease,
while corralling our silliness.

The end result is that we had a blast.
We'll get our photos in a few weeks.

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