Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Weekly Journal: A Few Weeks In Review

I've been working on a weekly journal since April
and its been so fun and simple.
I'm particularly proud of myself for keeping up with it.
It's a really simple way for me to be creative on a regular basis.
So much of the creative process is about making time to be creative and
letting go to allow the creative ideas to unfold.

 This week I wanted to show you the pages in my weekly journal so far.
I love looking at people's art journals and I thought you might like to see mine.


Leave a comment if you have questions
about any of my pages, supplies, techniques. 

I'm happy to share.


  1. Totally enjoyed that Julie! The music was also fabulous <3

    1. Thanks Lexi...its so fun to see how things have progressed over the weeks.


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