Friday, January 10, 2014

Favorite Art Resources

I get inspiration from collecting art supplies.  I love collecting new supplies and bits of ephemera to use in a potential future project.  It gives me a chance to experiment in my work and discover new techniques.  

I'm often asked what supplies do I like to use in my work and I often forget or the supply I'm using is so creatively loved that I no longer have the original box with the original labels.  To remedy that, I've collected some of my favorite books, art and storage supplies in an Amazon store (Listed below).  It's a really quick way for me to list the exact products I use in my art for those of you who are interested. You can purchase directly from the Amazon store or you can make a list and look for the items in your local art supply store.

I'll add and remove supplies from time to time, so check back often and let me know if you have any favorite supplies you love.

        View the full The Red Dragonfly Amazon Store

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