Monday, December 1, 2014

Favorite Art Things #1: Writing Pen

Favorite Art Things

Writing Pen

Pilot G2 10

My all time favorite writing pen is the Pilot G-2 #10. They are hard to find. You may find the Pilot G-2 #5 or #7 it is not the same. The Pilot G-2 #10 is in a class all its own. It looks like the others but I performs differently.  Finding the pens is such a thing that I often have to find them online or if I happen to see them in a store I snatch up about 3 packs. 

It is the ONLY pen I use. 

What I love most about the pen is that it is really juicy.
Jet black ink just flows no matter what position I'm in when I'm writing.
It glides so beautifully on my journal pages

I really think I write better with this pen.  

It's not the best for writing on top of acrylic or glossy mediums
but it will write over matte gesso and watercolors. 

What are some of your favorite writing pens?

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