Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Favorite Art Things #2: Paint Brushes

Favorite Art Things

Paint Brushes

Soft Grip Taklon Paint Brushes

I have over 30 different paint bushes, many of them are really fancy and expensive. With all those brushes I have only one favorite brush...
it's really inexpensive and I got from Micheal's. 

My favorite brushes are the Soft Grip Taklon Paint Brushes.
The brushes have a soft gel grip so it fits nicely in my hand. I have long fingers so its nice to have brushes that rest where they should. The grip allows me to paint longer and with more control. 

I also like brushes with light or white bristles. It helps me see the paint color better. I usually load my brush up with multiple colors to create a rainbow effect, so it's helpful for me to see what colors are already on the brush and if a brush needs a bit more color before I continue using it.

The other thing I love about these brushes, is that they apply paint or medium really smoothly. No lines or streaks. I like tools that flow with me and don't leave any unnecessary marks.

That's my favorite set of brushes...what's yours?


  1. Love these as well! Love that I can leave them in water (for weeks) without wrecking them


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