Thursday, December 4, 2014

Favorite Art Things #4 : Gel Medium

Favorite Art Things

Gel Medium

Super Heavy Matte Gel Medium

My all time greatest gel medium is the Super Heavy Matte Gel Medium. I use it on most of my journal pages like glue. It is the perfect texture for adhering thick or thin collage elements to my journal pages.  I find that it doesn't leave the same amount of bubbles as regular glue.  It leaves a nice matte finish which (once dry) allows me to write on top of glossy images. (Just imagine finding a perfect image in a magazine for your journal and being able to cover the page with matte medium and suddenly you can add doodles and text...transforming the image to a personal work of art! )

I also REALLY like that drys fairly quickly (I'm so impatient about waiting for glue to dry completely before I continue my journal pages :) ) 

The biggest win for me, about the super heavy matte gel medium, is that it goes on so dang smooth! I often use my hands as tools in my art work and when mediums are smooth to the touch and feel great to use...
I and immediately sold.

So that is my FAVORITE gel Medium...what's yours?

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