Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 Creative Intention Story: Julie

2011 Creative Intention Story...

" My 2011 Creative Intention opened up a channel for creative play and experimentation in my life and it happened in gradual steps during the year." ~ Julie

In 2011 my creative intention was to make appointments for creative play. I planned to use all the art supplies I had been stock piling and make dates with myself and my friends to be creative.

Right after I set that intention, Andrea presented me with a challenge that we would take on fill a HUGE 800 page journal with our art.  I leaped at the chance and started the BIG Juicy Journal.  I got the HUGE journal from A Work of Heart Studios layed it open in my studio and surrounded it with paints and colored pens. I began to create in short bursts of time (5 or 10 min) and sometimes in longer sections of time (1 hour or more). The more I created the more I enjoyed the process. I started to create while talking on the telephone. I turned off the TV (my guilty pleasure) and started listening to pandora radio while I slapped on some color, scraped on gesso,and wrote stories in my journal. I started to look forward to my time in my journal.

I have filled over half the book with art journal pages. It has become my go to book for new techniques, experimentation, contemplation and play. The book helps me share examples of journaling techniques in my classes.  It helps me discover and purge old art supplies so I can create freely. It gives me a big blank canvas to try new things as many times as I need without worrying about wasting paper.

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