Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Mixed Media Art Journal : Flip Through

Here is a look into one of my mixed media art journals. I started this journal in 2012 and "lived" in it almost exclusively until mid 2013. 

As you can see, my journals are a mix of styles, colors and techniques. I get to experiment and develop a specific technique. In a few places you may see repeated images. If I love an image I often scan it and use it a few times as I learn how I want to develop the image. 

There are pages in this journal that I love and pages that I ( I won't say "hate" but I will say "don't like as much"). Thank goodness for the volume of pages that gives me many opportunities to try and try again.

I do not work in sequence. I work all over my journal ...front, middle and back. I create by backgrounds and then come back to add images and words. I often work on 3-4 pages at a time then narrow in on 1 or 2 with the fine details or text. 

I hope you enjoy watching the results of a year of art journaling.

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