Thursday, September 25, 2014

Society6 : Art Journal Mug

Art Journal Mug
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There is something about mugs that just makes me HAPPY.
I love collecting them when I travel. 
I love remembering where I purchased the mug and the events of that day.
 I love selecting the perfect mug for my hot coco or tea in the morning.

I love my collection of favorite mugs
...the one I purchased in Portland 17 years ago at the
Betsy Johnson store. I loved everything in
that store but I could only afford the mug.

...the mug I purchased from Anthropologie on
sale after watching it for months.
(That mug still makes me do a little dance just before I take a sip)

I love mugs so much I wanted to make my own contribution to mug lovers everywhere.

ladies and gentlemen
I give you...

the Art Journal Mug


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